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Hi and welcome to my blog. I am a lampworker and jewellery designer and this blog will be reflect what's going on in my glassy life as well as anything interesting happening which seems to be worth talking about.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Well having not posted for ages I have changed my blog over to blogspot where everyone else seems to be so here I am.
Having had a down spell with my illness (neurological) I am once again on the up thank goodness and am getting back into making jewellery, photographing them, well asking my lovely daughter to take my photographs, and do some touches to my banner and make leaflets etc, she's the graphic designer, redoing the website, well getting my OH who's the webdesigner to revamp the website as our jewellery site was the first one he did. I am very lucky to have both of them for this as I am totally untechnical with anything related to webdesign and graphics!
If you are interested they are at and
We have some new jewellery going into Green & Pink which is at the Elements Centre Livingston. This is situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow.
We are also now members of the Livingston Craft Association which holds regular craft fairs mostly at Christmas time.
I am still happily torching away and have just bought a kiln which means I can properly anneal my beads and will soon be able to incorporate them in my designs. Whohoo!
All in all things are going well and I should be back to regular posting and will be adding some nice pics soon!