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Hi and welcome to my blog. I am a lampworker and jewellery designer and this blog will be reflect what's going on in my glassy life as well as anything interesting happening which seems to be worth talking about.

Friday 16 August 2013

Hello folks!
Whoosh!! That was the year that's flown past since I last updated.
The littlest grandchild is now walking and the older one is starting primary 2, where did the time go?
So where did it go, what's happened.
The main thing I guess is my daughter opening up TLC studios. She has a unit in the Fauldhouse  Market, 1 Blackfaulds Place. There is a gallery area selling some wonderful handcrafted items, including my jewellery, lampwork beads and books and Ewan's rings and silverwork. There is lots happening, craft activities for children and adults, all ages and abilities. Get in touch if there is a craft you would like to try and Siobhan may well be able to get it set up .
My torching......well it has been a  difficult year for me healthwise and my oxycon (necessary piece of kit for my lampworking, packed in leaving me without until I saved the couple of hundred needed for a new one. I then had to get back to work on my beadmaking and found it very difficult to start again. Seems my hands do not want to coordinate with my brain, so I set to practicing only to find my lovely bobcat torch is in need of a good clean as it seems to have got sooted up. I think the dodgy oxy gave me a fuel rich flame and has caused the problem. I am waiting on a call from America from GTT torches to help me sort the problem.
On the plus side, I have a 3 day glass skills class coming up in Caithness with Ian Pearson. Lucky me, its 20 mins away from where my mum is so I'll get to see her too.
So that's an update for now with the really good intention of keeping up to date with my blogging.

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